Institutional Projects

Alliances and Agreements

We believe connecting to other institutions with similar aims is of the utmost importance, particularly those that foster and boost our educational project. Read More

Think Big

Think Big es el paraguas bajo el que se alinean una serie de proyectos institucionales que tienen como factor común la innovación, la creatividad y el trabajo colaborativo. Ver Más

Values Project

At Northfield School we develop different projects throughout the year, and our project on values is one we consider a pillar of our overall NFS project. Read More


Exchanges at Northfield School are aimed at developing autonomy in students by exposing them to different experiences and instances of learning with and from others, in suitable and appealing environments. Read More

Digital Projects

We are living in a constantly changing world. Education cannot overlook this reality and needs to be flexible enough to keep up with the quick changes and challenges we face. Read More

Reading Project

With the aim of promoting reading habits in students, we develop different strategies to foster reading, which are both creative and fun for children. Read More

Community Service

Northfield School is committed to helping people in need. Parents, students and staff actively take part in each and every community service activity promoted by NFS. Read More


Northfield School has developed a programme of extracurricular activities (optional) designed for students from all age groups. Read More


Sports practice is aimed at developing competency in many movement forms and proficiency in a few. Read More

Educational Guidance

This area is carried out by professionals from different fields: psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, etc. Read More


Art allows students to express themselves through music, dancing, drawing, writing, scupting, singing, etc. Read More