Enrolment Process

Getting to know us

In order to allow prospective NFS families to know our proposal, we hold meetings on a regular basis. During these presentations we promote an interesting dialogue with Heads of all levels so that families can get to know us and consider our school as an option for their children’s education.

Parents are encouraged to fill in an application form. We will contact you to schedule a meeting.

If your family has already taken part in one of our meetings and would like to move on into the next stage of our enrolment process, please contact ingresos@northfield.edu.ar for further advice.

Enrolment meetings with students

Students go through an admission interview as part of the process. Prior to it, families are asked to send all the required paperwork (*), at least 7 days in advance.

Required documents:

  • School reports
  • Updated report-card
  • Family questionnaire (one for each prospective student)

(*) Students entering K1 are exempted.

Enrolment fee

Once the school has confirmed admission, parents are asked to pay the Enrolment fee and submit bank information for administrative purpose.

Students are usually invited to a social gathering with their classmates (subject to date of enrolment).

Enrolment process is finished when families submit copies of the following documents:

  • 1
  • Student’s ID.
  • 2
  • Student’s Birth certificate.
  • 3
  • Vaccination report.
  • 4
  • Parents’ ID (mother and father).
  • 5
  • Official Health report signed by doctor. It should specify student’s physical fitness to perform PE. This certificate should be issued yearly.
  • 6
  • Students entering 1st form should also submit Sight and Hearing check-ups.
  • 7
  • Complete application form (signed by parents).
  • 8
  • Administrative info provided by school of origin.
  • 9
  • Specific paperwork according to level.